Daily Inspiration ~ 7.25.2015

A caricature of my husband and I at a wedding recently lol ❤

Yet again, I find myself going a long time without checking in. I apologize, but you all should know I am going at my own pace nowadays. I may not post every single day, and I may go a couple weeks without a word, but during those times, I’m living my life and making new experiences, and trying new things!

This is my daily inspiration. When YOU finally take control of YOUR own life, things will begin to change.

I believe there are different levels of consciousness we all have and go through. I have always been opinionated and quick to retaliate. However, as I am nearing the age of 29 years young, I have begun to view the world differently. I have more patience. I am more observant, and I truly “feel” like I am heading in the right direction.

I have only recently (I’d say I stated noticing a difference about 1 year ago) been able to take control of my life…and it has been wonderful. And it is possible to do this without coming across as a snoot or bunghole.

Just agree to disagree. Seriously. All sides of all arguments have valid points. If we can sit here and say that each person has unique moral and ethical insights and that no two people are the same, then you also have to acknowledge that every opinion is governed by these different insights. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. As long as they don’t harm others, just agree to disagree!

It may sound stupid but I’ve avoided a lot of arguments and I’ve been part of many eye-opening conversations because of this new outlook on life…or because of my new level of consciousness. This is part of my enlightening. It’s truly amazing how we, as individuals and as neighbors, can intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually grow as we experience new things.

Don’t fear change, embrace it!

(I know I've used this one before, but I love it.)

On that note, today I charge you all with saying “I respect your opinion. Please respect mine. Let’s agree to disagree on this one and move on.”

Once you say that, the ball is in the other person(s) court. You have absolved yourself of all potential guilt and you have risen above the conflict to move forward. THAT is what we need. And THAT is what YOU all should be trying to do. 😉



Daily Inspiration ~ 7.11.2015

Today’s daily inspiration is veering in a different direction. Usually I post a quote and then explain my reasoning behind it. But today, this is all me…and it’s about love.

My husband and I met, dated, got pregnant, and married…all within 6 months. We will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary next year!! It’s been a tough road, but every heartbreak, tear, and stressful moment was worth the love and protection I feel with my best friend/husband.


I bring this up because my husband and I are going to one of my high school friend’s wedding reception tonight. She did a “planned elopement” a few weeks ago in New Orleans and now she’s having a reception in her hometown (pretty neat idea!). So tonight, I’m seeing faces I haven’t laid eyes on since 2004 (with the exception of social media). The interesting point is that my friend and her new husband got married on their “dating” anniversary. They have been together 9 years too.

However, while my husband and I got married immediately, my friend and her husband waited 9 years. And yet we’ve been together the same amount of time.

So my question is: Do you think you should jump into marriage immediately or even after a few years of being with someone and hope for the best, or should you take your time, get to know the person, live with him/her, and then decide?

I know it’s against religious principles to live in sin with someone who is not your wife/husband (and remember, I’m not religious…just stating a fact), but with the extremely high rate of divorce around the world, you have to pause and think…my friend might have been on to something!

I can tell you that during my almost 10 years of marriage, both my husband and I completely changed. We were 19, young and naive. We “grew” up together! But in the end, the trials and tribulations we went through made us stronger.


This daily inspiration is about love. It seems to be getting lost in a sea of hate and pessimism.

Look at your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, children, and family and take a moment to evaluate your feelings. Figure out how your feelings have evolved. You will be amazed at what you may discover.

You may realize your feelings have changed, for better or worse. Just like some people clean out their homes and get rid of stuff every once in a while, sometimes you need to do that with your relationships.

So take a few minutes to evaluate your life and relationships and you may just discover things you’ve been blind to.


Daily Inspiration ~ 7.10.2015


At first, I was a little offended by this quote. I am a very passionate and empathetic individual. My mom and dad always said I was born an adult. They always said I was wise beyond my years. As I’ve gotten older, I realize they are right. Maybe that is why I lack a large group of friends. I can’t stand ignorant, naive, and entitled individuals.

But that’s where my passion comes into play. And it is getting in the way.

What I mean is: while passion is a great quality that defines who you are, when it comes to calculating decisions for the greater good, it is a quality best left behind…or at least put on the back burner. Passion is derived from the heart. And what you may think is “true” or “just” in your heart, may not actually be true or just for someone else. This is why there should be a fine line, a black-white distinction in government and democracy.

We can love. We can be passionate. We can be empathetic. But when it comes to democratic decisions and representations, we must put reason above all else. We must be unbiased.

I bring this up because of the situations bombarding the United States. Most people are reacting to situations with opinions and passion, not reason. And if you haven’t noticed, it is ripping this country apart. So remember, when you are arguing a point, or trying to devise a solution, do it with REASON, not passion. Keep your passions in your private lives. But when it comes to societal discussions and confrontations, we need to stay unbiased and reasonable. And above all else, and I’ve said this before, PLEASE find it in your heart, mind, and soul to start making this world a better place.


Daily Inspiration ~ 7.4.2015 (Happy Birthday, America!)

Today, July 4, 2015, we celebrate the United States of America’s Independence Day. 239 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed, granting independence from Great Britain.

Today is a day of celebration, of thanks, of patriotic feelings.

But today I’m not feeling as patriotic or as celebratory as previous years. Yes, we have some freedoms, but we are far from free. We, as a nation, have fallen from grace. We are divided. We are mentally segregated. We are doing the WRONG things.

We, as Americans, are given this freedom. We, as Americans, are wasting our freedom on pointing fingers and living in the past…a past that none of us alive today was a part of.

We, as Americans, need to use our freedom to do what is RIGHT. Help thy neighbors. Love thy neighbors. Celebrate with thy neighbors.

I am urging each and EVERY American out there to use your freedom for things that are RIGHT, JUST, and BETTER for all Americans. Stand up for American rights, not specific rights. Stand up for better education, a better economy, better care for veterans, homeless, orphans, animals.

We need to use our freedom for good and meaningful reasons, not for greed and pride. My name is Lauren, and I hope to one day be proud to be an American again. With that being said, Happy Birthday, America! Here’s to hoping we can celebrate many more with you!


Daily Inspiration ~ 7.3.2015

From 2008 until 2013 we lived on military bases, subdivisions, and in a few loud cities. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED living in he hustle and bustle. Constant noise, constant distractions, tons of things to do.

But for the past 18 months we have been living out in a rural town area (we are about 10 minutes past the actual town)…and I LOVE it more than anything. I love the quiet. I love how I can look up at the sky and see millions of stars without light pollution. I love the sound of toads and crickets at night. I love the howls of coyotes and the hoots of owls. I love the country roads and fields of livestock and fresh produce.

You know why I love all of this? Because I can think clearly. I can come up with more ideas, more thoughts, more innovations. It’s like, since we’ve moved out to the country I have had millions of thoughts and ideas running through my mind.

As Ram Dass states, “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

If you ever feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, confused, or just anxious, take a walk through nature, turn off your electronics, and just listen to the silence. It is seriously amazing what your mind can do when it has no distractions.


Daily Inspiration ~ 7.2.2015


Confucius is very smart. This is actually something I’ve been discussing with my 8 year old daughter. She is VERY intelligent, but she struggles just a little with math. She gets so frustrated that she’s usually one of the last kids to finish assignments, so she started rushing through her work and making big mistakes.

So we literally had a conversation about doing things slow and right the FIRST time just the other day. I told her as long as she understood what she was doing, and completed the problems, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow she can do them.

Most of us are living our lives in the fast lane. I don’t want my children growing up thinking they have to do things fast because the world wants it done that way.

We can apply these words to life. Yes, we may want a good job NOW, a nice car NOW, a family NOW. But sometimes life throws obstacles in the way that slows down your progress toward your destination.

It’s important to remember that as long as you are still moving forward, it doesn’t matter the pace you are taking. Some things happen in the blink of an eye, while others happen at a snail’s pace. So do things right the first time, whether it takes you an hour, month, year, or decade.


Daily Inspiration ~ 7.1.2015


Well, it’s the first of July. Half of the year is already gone! What have you done so far this year? We’ve moved to a rental we finally love and will probably buy. My husband started his BBM. My daughter finished second grade. My daddy bought me my first bread machine. And I’ve turned into suzy homemaker lol

I hate, and I mean HATE, the saying YOLO (you only live once). I don’t know if that is some stupid saying created by our youth today, or some fad that will eventually disappear (one can hope), but it is one of the single most misleading statements I’ve ever heard.

We don’t just live once, we die once. We live every single day. Make the most of it.

I’m pretty sure this has been said once or twice in the same fashion, but I wrote this quote. Every single day when you wake up and take your first look around, your first conscious breath, your first stretch or yawn…you are living another day.

We, as humans, take so much for granted. We are so wrapped up in technology, social media, biased news, world problems, racism, difference of opinions…that we never stop to think…WE ARE ALIVE.

Do you know how precious life is? Do you know what separates humans from other species?

Time. From the moment we are born to the moment we take our last breath, our lives are governed by time. You can’t turn it back and you can’t prevent it from moving forward. Time is what defines humanity. And we are wasting it.

So live each day to the fullest. I’m not going to say live it like it’s your last day on Earth, because none of us know when that is. We should live every single day to the fullest. With compassion. With forgiveness. With love.