Daily Inspiration ~ 7.11.2015

Today’s daily inspiration is veering in a different direction. Usually I post a quote and then explain my reasoning behind it. But today, this is all me…and it’s about love.

My husband and I met, dated, got pregnant, and married…all within 6 months. We will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary next year!! It’s been a tough road, but every heartbreak, tear, and stressful moment was worth the love and protection I feel with my best friend/husband.


I bring this up because my husband and I are going to one of my high school friend’s wedding reception tonight. She did a “planned elopement” a few weeks ago in New Orleans and now she’s having a reception in her hometown (pretty neat idea!). So tonight, I’m seeing faces I haven’t laid eyes on since 2004 (with the exception of social media). The interesting point is that my friend and her new husband got married on their “dating” anniversary. They have been together 9 years too.

However, while my husband and I got married immediately, my friend and her husband waited 9 years. And yet we’ve been together the same amount of time.

So my question is: Do you think you should jump into marriage immediately or even after a few years of being with someone and hope for the best, or should you take your time, get to know the person, live with him/her, and then decide?

I know it’s against religious principles to live in sin with someone who is not your wife/husband (and remember, I’m not religious…just stating a fact), but with the extremely high rate of divorce around the world, you have to pause and think…my friend might have been on to something!

I can tell you that during my almost 10 years of marriage, both my husband and I completely changed. We were 19, young and naive. We “grew” up together! But in the end, the trials and tribulations we went through made us stronger.


This daily inspiration is about love. It seems to be getting lost in a sea of hate and pessimism.

Look at your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, children, and family and take a moment to evaluate your feelings. Figure out how your feelings have evolved. You will be amazed at what you may discover.

You may realize your feelings have changed, for better or worse. Just like some people clean out their homes and get rid of stuff every once in a while, sometimes you need to do that with your relationships.

So take a few minutes to evaluate your life and relationships and you may just discover things you’ve been blind to.


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