Daily Inspiration ~ 7.10.2015


At first, I was a little offended by this quote. I am a very passionate and empathetic individual. My mom and dad always said I was born an adult. They always said I was wise beyond my years. As I’ve gotten older, I realize they are right. Maybe that is why I lack a large group of friends. I can’t stand ignorant, naive, and entitled individuals.

But that’s where my passion comes into play. And it is getting in the way.

What I mean is: while passion is a great quality that defines who you are, when it comes to calculating decisions for the greater good, it is a quality best left behind…or at least put on the back burner. Passion is derived from the heart. And what you may think is “true” or “just” in your heart, may not actually be true or just for someone else. This is why there should be a fine line, a black-white distinction in government and democracy.

We can love. We can be passionate. We can be empathetic. But when it comes to democratic decisions and representations, we must put reason above all else. We must be unbiased.

I bring this up because of the situations bombarding the United States. Most people are reacting to situations with opinions and passion, not reason. And if you haven’t noticed, it is ripping this country apart. So remember, when you are arguing a point, or trying to devise a solution, do it with REASON, not passion. Keep your passions in your private lives. But when it comes to societal discussions and confrontations, we need to stay unbiased and reasonable. And above all else, and I’ve said this before, PLEASE find it in your heart, mind, and soul to start making this world a better place.


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