Daily Inspiration ~ 7.4.2015 (Happy Birthday, America!)

Today, July 4, 2015, we celebrate the United States of America’s Independence Day. 239 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed, granting independence from Great Britain.

Today is a day of celebration, of thanks, of patriotic feelings.

But today I’m not feeling as patriotic or as celebratory as previous years. Yes, we have some freedoms, but we are far from free. We, as a nation, have fallen from grace. We are divided. We are mentally segregated. We are doing the WRONG things.

We, as Americans, are given this freedom. We, as Americans, are wasting our freedom on pointing fingers and living in the past…a past that none of us alive today was a part of.

We, as Americans, need to use our freedom to do what is RIGHT. Help thy neighbors. Love thy neighbors. Celebrate with thy neighbors.

I am urging each and EVERY American out there to use your freedom for things that are RIGHT, JUST, and BETTER for all Americans. Stand up for American rights, not specific rights. Stand up for better education, a better economy, better care for veterans, homeless, orphans, animals.

We need to use our freedom for good and meaningful reasons, not for greed and pride. My name is Lauren, and I hope to one day be proud to be an American again. With that being said, Happy Birthday, America! Here’s to hoping we can celebrate many more with you!


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