Daily Inspiration ~ 7.1.2015


Well, it’s the first of July. Half of the year is already gone! What have you done so far this year? We’ve moved to a rental we finally love and will probably buy. My husband started his BBM. My daughter finished second grade. My daddy bought me my first bread machine. And I’ve turned into suzy homemaker lol

I hate, and I mean HATE, the saying YOLO (you only live once). I don’t know if that is some stupid saying created by our youth today, or some fad that will eventually disappear (one can hope), but it is one of the single most misleading statements I’ve ever heard.

We don’t just live once, we die once. We live every single day. Make the most of it.

I’m pretty sure this has been said once or twice in the same fashion, but I wrote this quote. Every single day when you wake up and take your first look around, your first conscious breath, your first stretch or yawn…you are living another day.

We, as humans, take so much for granted. We are so wrapped up in technology, social media, biased news, world problems, racism, difference of opinions…that we never stop to think…WE ARE ALIVE.

Do you know how precious life is? Do you know what separates humans from other species?

Time. From the moment we are born to the moment we take our last breath, our lives are governed by time. You can’t turn it back and you can’t prevent it from moving forward. Time is what defines humanity. And we are wasting it.

So live each day to the fullest. I’m not going to say live it like it’s your last day on Earth, because none of us know when that is. We should live every single day to the fullest. With compassion. With forgiveness. With love.


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