10 Awesomely Easy 4th of July Crafts for Kids & Adults!!


So today I thought I would change things up a bit. Part of celebrating Independence Day is learning about the history of it. What better way to teach our children about history, than with crafts? As most parents know, kids learn better (and are more willing to learn) when their mind AND hands are busy. If you’re looking for dessert and dinner, check out my 10 Easy, Quick, Simply Sweet Recipes for the 4th of July! and 10 Delicious 4th of July Recipes Sure to Please EVERYONE!

Below you will find 6 crafts for children and 4 crafts for adults. The adult crafts are more for decoration, but they are simple to do and most of the items you already have at home! I will start with the kid’s crafts and round up this post with the adult ideas. Hope you enjoy!

Confetti Launchers @ Piikea Street

I’m not sure how other states/cities are, but in South Carolina, you can’t even use sparklers in some areas in celebration, let alone fireworks. Fortunately for my family, we live in the country and can shoot off the biggest fireworks available. But for those of you who can’t have fireworks, or for just a fun craft, these confetti launchers are PERFECT for children. All you need are 12″ balloons, toilet paper rolls, decorative paper, tape, and construction paper.

Straw Fireworks @ Crafty Morning

These are SO simple to make, and they turn out SO neat looking! All it takes is paint, bendable straws (think dollar store!), and white paper. You can even use toilet paper rolls if you feel like it (just cut a line every 1/2-1 inch or so on one end of the roll about 1/3 of the way down the tube, then bend outward like the straw).

4th of July Noisemaker @ Mess for Less

This is such a cool idea! All it takes is two paper plates, scissors, paint, a stapler, tape, and dry beans. Such a fun activity for children. You can do this at your celebration to keep the kids entertained, or take a few with you to a celebration and share the fun!

Popsicle Stick Flag Magnets @ Making of a Mom

If you’re like the average parent, your fridge is covered in beautiful artwork. So why not add a magnet to the display also made by your little artists? All this takes is popsicle sticks, paint, and magnetic strips. PERFECT and just in time for the 4th!

Wet Chalk Fireworks @ Crafty Morning

I just noticed this is the second post from Crafty Morning. She definitely has some great ideas for children’s crafts, including this AWESOME wet chalk fireworks craft. I had no idea chalk would look like this when it’s wet! Just chalk, water, and a black piece of paper is all that’s needed for these masterpieces!

Patriotic Cup Craft @ Danielle’s Place

Just to give you a heads up, the link for this craft leads to a page with a few crafts. This particular one is about half way down the page. Blue cups, red and white ribbon, scissors, tape, string, and silver stars complete this awesome, cheap, and easy craft any kid (or adult) can make!

And now for some fun ADULT crafts!

Red, White, and Blue Pom Garlands @ Yay for Handmade!

I have ALWAYS wanted to try these out. And the directions provided make it look extremely easy. All you need is red, white, and blue tissue paper, twine/ribbon, scissors, and a stapler. Such a quick, simple decoration just in time for America’s birthday!

Patriotic Bug-Away Candleholders @ PopSugar

Now this craft takes a little more time, and it requires a few more materials. But not only is is patriotic and decorative, but it serves a purpose. By adding the lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, or citronella essential oils, this candleholder turns into a bug repellent! Beauty and purpose? You can’t beat that!

Patriotic Tin Cans @ Stockpiling Moms

These are a great centerpiece for utensils, flowers, or anything you can think of. Just grab a few tin cans (think veggies) and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Add some paint, ribbon, and patriotic decorations and you have a cheap, festive item to add to your celebrations.

Duct Tape 4th of July Banner @ Chic California

Sometimes I wonder if I have a crafty bone in my body. This is such a simple craft, even a caveman could do it! Just use duct tape, baker’s twine, and scissors to create this fun, festive addition to any 4th of July celebration.


TA-DA. And there you go. 6 fun crafts for kids and 4 fun crafts for adults. I do realize that some of these pictures are huge, but I wanted to make sure everything linked back to the original posters, so I’m leaving them this way. I hope you enjoy trying out some of these. I plan on trying out a few of these today, so I’ll make sure to post a link to a new post once we complete them!


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