A New Name, A New Blog

Well, this is my third blog I’ve started in the past year. The first one was purely experimental. I wrote on weird, paranormal, and unique topics. It was fun writing the information, but my followers were…weird and FANATICS. It actually scared me a little with how passionate and forceful some of the followers were, so I shut that blog down after 2-3 months. The second blog was a Housewife/Recipe blog. Right after that first blogging fiasco I read an article about “tuning into your passions.” It said to find one or two main passions and JUST focus on those areas for the blog. Now, the second blog did fairly well and I may keep it active, but I got SO bored only talking about housewife duties and recipes. I am a writer. I like to write about what comes to my mind at that very moment. Having to limit my inspiration and dedication to two main areas almost made me hate blogging.

I know, I KNOW!!!! How could I ever hate blogging? Well, it happened. I actually took about 5 weeks off from blogging to try to figure out my next step. And do you know what’s been happening over the past 5 weeks? Stories upon stories of racism, terrorists, unemployment, rioting, and so much more HATRED than I’ve ever seen. Not the best time to “step back and smell the flowers,” if you ask me. But I did it, and I think I may have found my third, and FINAL blog. If this one doesn’t make it. I’m done.

Third time’s a charm, right?!?!

And don’t worry. This isn’t about politics, or opinions, or racism, or hate. This is about peace, and love, and inspiration, and innovation, and parenting, and good food. I may even throw in a few humor pages and weird facts and stories. I will be writing a more detailed post about what to expect from this blog. So sit back, and have some Curious Enlightenment.

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